Up in the Leaves (6th Grade)

Up in the Leaves (6th Grade)

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Up in the Leaves is the true story of an amateur treehouse architect turned arborist and his adventures among the trees of New York’s Central Park. In this module, students will unpack the word central and seek to answer how the environment is central to all of our well-being. Lessons on mandalas, aerial drafting, and ancient Indian miniature art wrap around rigorous discussions of stillness, environmental activism, and the important quest to find and care for our space in this very crowded world.

This module contains the following lessons:

  • A Green Place to Be
  • Mapping Out a Central Location
  • Treehouse Tinkering
  • Crowded
  • Up in the Leaves
  • Be Still
  • Tree Hugger
  • Miniature Indian Paintings
  • Mandala Leaf Prints

Key Vocabulary:

Central, Scale Drawing, Encroach, Conservationist, Environmentalist,
Namaste, Bindi, Heroism, Mandala, Equidistant