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Artful Reading is thoughtfully planned and artfully fluid with the use of engaging classic and modern texts. It is the perfect combination to create playful, yet rigorous, experiences for our students so their faces light up with excitement and their brains think critically!

Laura Thompson (Russellville Ind. Schools)

Artful Reading had brought the joy of creating something wonderful to my classroom. My students cannot wait to see what fun and creative activity we are going to do each day.

Stacey Turner (Livingston Elementary)

Artful Reading has reinvigorated my classroom! By implementing the lesson ideas and teaching strategies, students are more engaged than ever before, and there is a sense of empowerment that is evident in their work. I look forward to the Artful Reading lesson just as much as the students.

Angie Watts (May Valley Elementary)

Artful Reading has sparked a joy for learning in my students that is manifested in original, intentional products.

Melissa Wade (McKee Elementary)

When we preview a new module box, my Kindergarten class gets so excited and curious! They love the hands on approach of the lessons. It sparks so much creativity and wonder! Wonder on a child’s face is food for the teacher soul!

Ashley Lile

Artful Reading has brought life back into the classroom with beautiful colors and artistic ideas. The students in my classes have enjoyed taking their reading comprehension outside the box, and turning it into something creative. They love the books and the characters they encounter with each module, and the ideas are something they can all relate to. It’s also provided me with a new way of approaching my teaching; the strategies and organizers are a breath of fresh air and excitement.

Katie Maiden

Artful Reading has helped put the spark back into my reading program. It has been very much a pleasure implementing art into my reading and writing program. My students have been really engaged and excited when we are working with the activities that are in my modules!

Angela Taulbee (Baker Intermediate)

Plain and simple: Artful Reading has helped make teaching fun again!!

Renee Perry (Conkwright Elementary)

Artful Reading Modules has been an excellent resource to bring excitement to the students. They truly enjoy the art activities with each story. The hands on experiences and real life connections are intriguing and rewarding for both the teacher and students.

Dana Duvall (Cumberland County)