Roxaboxen (3rd Grade)
Roxaboxen (3rd Grade)
Roxaboxen (3rd Grade)
Roxaboxen (3rd Grade)
Roxaboxen (3rd Grade)

Roxaboxen (3rd Grade)

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Roxaboxen is a module that invites students into dreamed-up civilizations
where they use their imaginations to transform ordinary objects into
extraordinary things. Students will design and create their own civilization
and invite play into their day through games and art experiences. This
module is a colorful experience for students as they explore the color wheel
and the unique beauty of the colors amethyst, amber and sea green. By the
end of the module, students will believe they are not too small to have big

Before you begin...
Each Artful Reading Module is flexibly designed for a 2-3 week duration.
Lessons are marked for Before-, During-, or After-Reading to guide your
planning. Each lesson is designed in an easy to read format, with standards,
materials needed, and step-by-step directions to ensure you are fully
prepared when it’s time to deliver.
This module contains the following lessons:

  • Wesley in Weslandia
  • Small World People
  • It’s a Small World
  • Not Just an Old Wooden Box
  • Start a Story, Become a Story
  • What Your Favorite Game?
  • Amethyst, Amber, Sea Green

At the end of the module, you will find options for summative writing tasks
and optional extensions that can stretch the module further.
Prior to delivering the module, preview all the included materials with this
Artful Reading kit, read all included texts and lessons, and make note of any
additional supplies you’ll need to gather before starting.

Key Vocabulary
Outcast, Civilization, Miniature, Amethyst, Amber, Sea Green, Democracy,
Democratic Values, Rights, Responsibilities, Citizen