Play with Me (Preschool: Series 2)
Play with Me (Preschool: Series 2)

Play with Me (Preschool: Series 2)

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Play with Me beckons young learners to follow a little girl through the meadow and down to a pond in a pursuit of a playmate. At the heart of the story is an important lesson in stillness and silence which this module joyfully explores through creative drama and gross-motor play. Students are introduced to Monet and impressionism, creatures above and below a pond, numbers in nature, and new games to get minds and bodies leaping and learning.

This module contains the following lessons:

  • Over, Under, All Around
  • Over in the Meadow
  • Over and Under the Pond
  • Reading the Waterlilies
  • Play with Me
  • Nature’s Numbers
  • Turtle Splash
  • Leapfrog, Leap!

Key Vocabulary

Meadow, Pond, Ecosystem, Under, Over, Habitat, Impressionism, Lily Pad, Waterlily,Timid, Leap