Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)
Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)
Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)
Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)
Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)
Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)
Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)

Olivia (Preschool: Series 1)

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Olivia is a about a spunky piglet with a lot of energy and really big dreams. The reader gets to peek into her daily routines, family dynamics, and the things that make her unique. Although the illustrations are quite simple with black and white and splashes of red, students will explore their own routines, dynamics, and uniquenesses. This module playfully introduces students to opera, impressionism, and abstract expressionism with a just-right dose of dress-up, art-making, gross-motor work, and even sandcastle building!

This module contains the following lessons:

  • Pig-tastic Unveiling
  • This Little Piggy
  • Pig Pens
  • Olivia Counts
  • Accessories Make Everything Better
  • Olivia
  • Sticker Routines
  • Family Portraits
  • Splatter
  • At the Beach
  • I am a Good Ballet Dancer
  • Singing Like Maria Callas

Centers embedded throughout the module serve as an opportunity for formative assessment. These thoughtfully planned centers are designed with the ECERS subscales in mind and include attention to space and furnishings, language and literacy, learning activities, interaction, and program structure. The following centers are designed to support whole-group lessons in each module: 

  • Blocks
  • Math
  • Dramatic Play
  • Writing
  • Visual Art
  • Sensory 
  • Science
  • Health & Wellness
  • Music
  • Reading

This module is aligned to Kentucky's Early Childhood and National Arts Anchor standards. 

Key Vocabulary

Snout, Hooves, Pig Pen, Clothing, Accessories, Wear, Function, Portrait,
Teamwork, Primary Colors, Sink, Float, Ballerina, Opera

 Note: This module is part of Pre-K: Series 1. The four modules in Series 1 collectively address all KY Early Childhood and Core Arts Standards.