Ages 3-5: Red Sled (AR on the Go)
Ages 3-5: Red Sled (AR on the Go)

Ages 3-5: Red Sled (AR on the Go)

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Red Sled will take you and your child on a snowy adventure into the woods to visit with woodland creatures and imagine being cozied up in a cabin. Your child will observe the color red in an (almost) wordless picture book, stamp tracks with their feet, sing a song about an imaginary bear hunt, and much more. Are you red-y?


  • Our Tracks
  • Move with Me
  • Finding Red
  • Red Sled
  • Going on a Bear Hunt

    Materials Provided 

    • Red Sled
    • Woodland Animals Chart
    • Paint Stick
    • Cardstock
    • Sand Blocks
    • Red Movement Scarf

      Important Words

      • Footprint
      • Woodland
      • Animal
      • Track
      • Red
      • Toboggan
      • Sled
      • Fort

        This kit is also available for Birth - Age 2. Please note that the activities and materials might be slightly different to adjust for the specific developmental needs of this age group.