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Blueberries for Sal (Kindergarten)

Blueberries for Sal (Kindergarten)

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Blueberries for Sal is the story of two very different mothers and their offspring getting mixed up among the blueberries on Blueberry Hill. This module explores how humans and bears prepare for winter and includes plenty of time for dramatic play as an introduction to new vocabulary. The module also takes a close look at Robert McCloskey’s blue ink illustrations and encourages student creative expression through blue art-making.

Before you begin...
Each Artful Reading Module is flexibly designed for a 2-3 week duration. Lessons are marked for Before-, During-, or After-Reading to guide your planning. Each lesson is formatted on a Teacher Lesson Card, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips when it’s time to deliver.
This module contains the following Teacher Lesson Cards:

  • Illustration Exploration
  • Background Knowledge
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Movement Words
  • Counting Blueberries
  • Examining Blue Artwork
  • Making Blue Art
  • Comparing Bodies of Text

At the end of the module, you will find options for summative writing tasks and optional extensions that can stretch the module further.

Key Vocabulary

Hustle, Tramped, Tremendous, Munch, Padded, Clump