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Why Artful Reading?

 CTL’s Artful Reading program strengthens literacy instruction by integrating the arts. Arts integration uses teaching practices that have been shown in brain-based research to improve comprehension and long-term retention.

The provided lessons, grounded in research-based instructional strategies, engage students in visual arts, dance, music, and drama experiences to make powerful literacy connections while meeting both National Literacy standards and National Core Arts Anchor standards. Artful Reading promotes an innovative and rigorous approach to reading, writing, speaking, and listening by utilizing high-interest and varied texts along with unique arts materials. 

Each module contains a picture book, supplemental texts, art materials, and lesson plans to deliver the standards-aligned lessons. This field-tested curriculum model supports enhanced literacy and arts instruction. The model is designed to support students in preschool through 8th Grade in developing comprehensive reading skills. Each module taps into the classroom teacher’s prior knowledge about literacy instruction and arts integration. The materials are built around a structure for before-, during-, and after-reading that addresses key literacy developmental skills using arts-based strategies and contexts to deeply engage students in learning. The materials immerse students and teachers in learning in, through and about the arts.

Lesson plans for each module contain comprehensive literacy components, including:

  • Summative and Formative Assessments
  • Tiered Vocabulary Development
  • Reading Comprehension: Before, During, After Reading Activities
  • Academic Dialogue
  • Writing to Learn
  • Writing to Demonstrate Learning: Informational, Narrative, and Persuasive Writing Prompts
  • Gradual Release Process
  • Extension Activities to Differentiate & Scaffold Learning, and to make connections to core text themes
  • Tested Teacher Tips

What Teachers are Saying:

"Plain and simple: Artful Reading has helped make teaching fun again!!" - Renee Perry, 1st Grade Teacher

"Artful Reading has helped put the spark back into my reading program. It has been very much a pleasure implementing art into my reading and writing program. My students have been really engaged and excited when we are working with the activities that are in my modules!" - Angie Taulbee, 5th Grade Teacher

"Artful Reading has reinvigorated my classroom! By implementing the lesson ideas and teaching strategies, students are more engaged than ever before, and there is a sense of empowerment that is evident in their work. I look forward to the Artful Reading lesson just as much as the students." - Angie Watts, 2nd Grade Teacher

 "Artful Reading has sparked a joy for learning in my students that is manifested in original, intentional products." - Melissa Wade, 2nd Grade Teacher