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Program Design

Basic Facts: Addition & Subtraction is a K-2 mathematics resource designed to provide explicit instruction in research-based strategies for developing fluency with the basic facts. Following the framework of Bay-Williams and Kling (2019) outlined in Math Fact Fluency, the lessons begin with developing mastery with the foundational fact sets and progress to the selection and use of the derived fact strategies for unknown facts. Adding and Subtracting 0, 1 & 2, Doubles, Combinations of 10 and 10 + __ comprise the foundational fact sets.

The derived fact strategies rely upon knowing the foundational facts and therefore are taught afterwards. Near Doubles, Making Ten and Pretend-a-10 are the derived fact strategies (Bay-Williams & Kling, 2019). Subtraction strategy lessons for Counting Up and Back, Think Addition and Using 10 as a Benchmark are also included.

The game-based practice and formative assessment components emphasize the developmental and research-based approach of the curriculum. Through observations and interviews, for example, teachers can monitor accuracy, efficiency, and the appropriate and flexible use of strategies in each student.