After the Fall (3rd Grade)
After the Fall (3rd Grade)
After the Fall (3rd Grade)
After the Fall (3rd Grade)
After the Fall (3rd Grade)
After the Fall (3rd Grade)

After the Fall (3rd Grade)

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After the Fall is a lesson on how to face and overcome fears. The tale picks
up where the famous Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme leaves off, and it
takes readers on an authentic journey with an unexpected and inspired end.
The story will surprise and delight young readers, and the module will
encourage students to find peace in the midst of their worries while
stretching their wings as learners.

Before you begin...
Each Artful Reading Module is flexibly designed for a 2-3 week duration.
Lessons are marked for Before-, During-, or After-Reading to guide your
planning. Each lesson is designed in an easy to read format, with standards,
materials needed, and step-by-step directions to ensure you are fully
prepared when it’s time to deliver.

This module contains the following lessons:

  • I Am Peace
  • Wings So I Can Fly
  • Nursery Rhyme Tableaux
  • Nursery Rhyme Comics
  • Gravity Was Not My Friend
  • I Believe I Can Fly
  • The Best Paper Airplane on the Planet
  • I Love Spiders. Repeat. I Love Spiders.

At the end of the module, you will find options for summative writing tasks
and optional extensions that can stretch the module further.

Standards Matrix

For your reference, we have added images of the literacy standards matrix for this module. 

Key Vocabulary
Peace, Mindfulness, Lift, Thrust, Drag, Gravity, Simile, Stanza, Rhythm,
Rhyme, Phobia

Note: This module is part of 3rd Grade: Series 2. The four modules in Series 2 collectively address all National ELA and Core Arts Standards.